Mahoning Valley Sexual Assault Response Team



For years communities across the United States have struggled with how to improve their response to sexual assault. From the reporting officer to the local hospital to the local prosecutor, protocol varies from region to region. Problems are often amplified in rural and remote areas where resources are not typically at hand.

Among the most popular approach to aide this issue is to implement a Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). A SART, as defined by National Sexual Violence Resource Center, is “a collection of professional service providers and officials that respond essentially as a group, and in a timely fashion, to the various needs of rape victims.”

Core team members on the Mahoning Valley SART include professionals from the fields of law enforcement, victim advocacy/victim services, prosecutors or legal affiliates, and health care. The roles of each team member vary, but the goal remains the same – to ensure each survivor is addressed thoroughly by means of team and community care.

The SART concept is that communities can design these teams specifically to overcome local problems and build upon local strengths. The SART reflects a collaborative approach that works to aid our community coordinate victim-centered responses to sexual violence, focus on the causes, consequences, and issues regarding sexual violence, to collaborate with other organizations that support SART, improve public policy, and to provide community outreach and education regarding sexual violence.

How can I receive services?

The SART itself does not provide services but it coordinates the efforts of those that do and/or helps resolve problems for survivors that may be encountering barriers in accessing services.  To reach someone from the Mahoning Valley SART, please email

If you need more immediate support regarding a sexual assault, please contact your local Rape Crisis service provider.

Mahoning County

COMPASS Rape Crisis and Counseling Center
24 Hour Crisis Line
(330) 782-3936

Sojourner House Domestic Violence Shelter
24 Hour Crisis Line
(866) 436-6269

Community Legal Aid   
Youngstown Office
(330) 744-3196

Trumbull County

Rape Crisis Team
Trumbull County
(330) 394-4060

Someplace Safe Domestic Violence Shelter
24 Hour Crisis Line
(330) 393-3005

Columbiana County

Please contact your Prosecutor’s Office for a Victim Advocate
(330) 420-0140

Christina House Domestic Violence Shelter
24 Hour Crisis Line
(330) 420-0036 

How can I help?

The Mahoning Valley SART is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit within the State of Ohio governed by a volunteer board of directors.  You can help the SART in a number of ways:

Come to a meeting to learn more about our efforts

Invite us to speak to your group about sexual violence in our community

Join a SART Subcommittee

Make a monetary donation to help fund community education and outreach

Like and Follow us on social media

Let a survivor you know about SART and the affiliated services for victims

Mahoning Valley SART Executive Board

Detective Brian McGivern, Canfield Police Department, President

Alicia Williamson, Someplace Safe, Vice President

Elaine Kloss, Christina House Domestic Violence Shelter, Treasurer

Jennifer Varley Gray, COMPASS Family & Community Services

Chief Charles Van Dyke, Milton Township Police Department

Detective Tyrone Hyshaw, Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office

Jan Gorsuch, Akron Children’s Hospital

2020 Meeting Schedule

February 7

April 3

June 5

August 28

October 9

December 4

Meetings begin at 10am at the Boardman Township Government Center.

In order to stay safe and in compliance with state and local directives, MV SART meetings are being held virtually for the rest of 2020.  To receive an online invitation to the upcoming meetings, please email