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Community Theatre Protection Task Force

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LIGHTS ON: Community Theatre Protection Task Force is a non-profit that specializes in promoting education, taking timely, preventive action, holding themselves and others accountable and supporting victims/survivors of sexual violence and misconduct in the theatre community.

Lights On was created in early July, 2020 by local theatre participants who are sexual violence and misconduct prevention activists in the Greater Youngstown area. Lights On is partnered with COMPASS: Family and Community Services, providing counseling, education and support through their 24/7 Rape Crisis and Counseling Center.

Lights On is committed to create a better world for theater and healthy organizational cultures for everyone in the performing arts.  Lights On is about creating and protecting professional and artistic spaces in which people feel supported, respected, empowered, and most of all, safe practicing the craft that they love.  The Lights On Team looks forward to working in partnership with the community as we challenge one another to disrupt and dismantle systems that breed discrimination, and lift up the efforts of those who are creating new systems in which theatre practitioners can thrive.

Lights On is meant to be a prevention and education program not only for survivors but also for people who want to learn and understand sexual assault.


These programs were curated and are taught by professionals in the mental health care and early childhood education fields:



Develop lifelong skills

Better understand consent culture

Learn safety protocols and state laws

Know how to set boundaries and acknowledge your comfort level

Recognize when and how to help yourself and others in uncomfortable situations


Adults 18+

Show patrons that safety is valued at YOUR theater

Support theatres in sexual violence & misconduct prevention

Better understand consent culture Learn safety protocols and state laws

Protect vulnerable groups from sexual violence & misconduct

Area theater groups are being asked to have their organizations trained in sexual assault, identification of sexual abuse in children, prevention, interventions and referrals, and the types of policies that can be put in place to help prevent victimization in organizations like community theaters.

Both Organizations/Groups and Individuals that complete training will be Lights On certified. To maintain that designation, individuals and theaters will need to get re-certified every two years.

Community theater groups are being trained initially, but this initiative is open to other performing arts organizations, including schools.

Contact: to be put in touch with the Lights On! Team.

Services will be extended to a five-county area:

Trumbull County, OH

Mahoning County, OH

Columbiana County, OH

Mercer County, PA

Lawrence County, OH

Task Force Members:

Candace Dilullo

Theatre Representative Relations

Jennifer Gray, Ms, Ca

Community Resources

Jacqueline Hughley, Ra, Qmhs

Community Resources

Gina Marafiote, Lpc

Prevention Education

Emelia Sherin

Media Relations

Hunter Thomas

Youth Education

Nicole Zayas, Msw, Lsw

Prevention Education